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Marie specialises in succulents and cactus

Marie's cactus house.

My cactus house has many plants in pots, both on the bench and in the ground. In the centre are the in ground plants.

Here is a photo of the Marie doing a segment for BRIZ31 the Brisbane Community TC station. Just to the right of her is Karen Gruner the presenter. The young lad holding the boom microphone is Briuan who was a student from the US. Michael is using the video camera.

Below is one of my Echinopsis in flower.

Here are some Web links which are mostly succulent, cactus, garden links.

Here are two photos of a big cacti plant I have that is about thirty years old and stands about 5mt tall.

It is a Cereus peruvianus monstrose. It's a night flowering cactus. Each flower opens one night only and is white with greenish brown outer petals about 16cm long. Buds appear about one week after heavy rain and open within a month.

The photo on the right Johnny took at night and the one on the left he took the next morning from the other side of the fence.

To the Cactus and Succulent Society of Queensland which is the main entry Web link.

Paul Kaluske photographs the CSSQ Field Day events He has a lot of photos here.

To the CSSQ Plant sellers page you may like to click on.

Bev Spiller specialises in Echeverias so has produced a CD which costs AUD$20.00. It has over 350 images of her own plants and a few growing notes. Please contact her.

One of my articles about Echeverias is here.

Photos of Marie's Field Day in September 2003

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