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 I was born in Hobart which is the capital city of Tasmania a state of Australia. I and Marie hope you like our Web site. It will be quite plain at first, no junk and unnecessary buttons and so on. I welcome many of our overseas friends who we have hosted at our home over the years. People from South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, USA, United Kingdom and other countries. We also say “hello”to our friends living in our own country, Australia. Please come back from time to time to see how our Web site is progressing.

At the moment there are four main family Web sites/pages. Please choose which one you wish to go to by clicking  the links. At the bottom of each page is a link back to this page “HobartJohn” so people should be able to navigate our site easily.

At the bottom of each page is a link back to this page “HobartJohn” so people should be able to navigate our site easily. If you follow my pages from my photo link you can go back to that page if require.

I am constructing this Web site using OpenOffice.Org in M$ WXP, GNU/Linux MINT.

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Son John

Daughter Maria

Both of us

My main interest is computers and electronics. Click here to go to my Web pages I have put some notes to assist newbies use their computer/s. I also like Australian football. I now conduct my own club, JDs 50 Plus Cinematographers at the Brisbane City Hall 50 Plus Centre. There are links in that regard. I use GNU/Linux MINT V 17 at present.95% of my time on the Internet. My worries about virus' are minimal as I use PopCorn and Thunderbird Mail for my E-mail. I also held an Amateur Radio licence VK4ZAG.

My darling wife's pages are accessible from this plant link Marie is our succulent and cactus expert. Items about the BCCouncil 50+ centre are also here. She has been a member of the Queensland Succulent Society now named Cactus and Succulent Society of Queensland for more than three decades and knows the plants. Marie was my secretary for our electronics business D'Alton Sound Service.

Our son John works in the IT industry and has a BM (Bachelor of Ministry) Go to John's Web page It was John who introduced me to computers mid 1970s.

Our daughter Maria is an artist amongst other things.

If you want to go to her Web page then to her site click this There is a link to her own Web site there.

My darling Marie and I are here at our common Web pages This is where there will be items about our Family history, ballroom dancing, travelling plus more as I develop the site.

I operate my JD's 50 Plus Cinematographers meetings and this is a more direct route to it.

Our second granddaughter, John's daughter, Laena is also doing some very good artwork. Drawings and paintings.

Go to her Web page and see for yourself

Visit our Youtube Web site for various short video clips which I use the video editing application, MAGIX V11 to build. I have some of my heritage walks of Brisbane and old computer stuff that the reader may wish to view.

Contact me by E-mail at   this is not a clickable link.

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