Hobart John

Our son John Nicholas' page

John has a Bachelor of Ministry (BM).

John is a student and lecturer at Tabor College in Eltham, an outer suburb of Melbourne.

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John has been involved in the IT industry for some years and one thing he worked on was during the Y2K bug period for the Tasmanian Government in 1999.

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John is also conducting a business he calls “21st Century” which sells kits to build all sorts of interesting models so click to find out what are the models

John also works for Network Overdrive in Melbourne. He is a Computer Systems tester trainer. That is systems that business' use must be tested to hopefully have problems or bugs ironed out.

Father John

On Sunday the 25th of March 2007 John was Ordained in Yarraville which is an inner suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Marie and I attended the event which was very good. We are proud of our son John.

Fr. John D'Alton was ordained by Metropolitan Paul Saliba at St. Mary's Orthodox Church, Yarraville. Assisting in the divine liturgy were Fr. George Mattar and Deacon Thomas McArdle. Here are thumbnail images of some photographs I took.

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