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This page is about my side (D'Alton) of the family.

A part of my archiving project is about saving sounds, peoples voices. I built my own reel to reel two speed four track recorder many decades ago so I have quite a lot of sound data. As soon as we could afford it I bought a very cheap cassette recorder and took it to Tasmania with us in 1973. I left Hobart just after I started primary school with mum, step-dad and his daughter Jill in 1941. It wasn't untill 1973 that I saw my father again. The cruel part is that I was led to believe that my father was dead. The re-union was an untearful one as he realy was a stranger to me. So I have copied about 30 seconds of my father talking on that visit.

Here is a photo of father, Marie and myself during our visit.

If you would like to hear my father's voice which is an MP3 file and about 580Kb in file size, it will take a few minutes to download unless you have cable.

My mother Vera Florence D'Alton (Cordwell)This is of my mother's voice at the same time in 1973 about 312Kb in file size.

I have other sounds of voices of other relatives who we visited in 1973. They are all about the same in file size as my father's one above so be patient when downloading them.

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