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Dancing....................................Back in the City Hall, hooray!!! 

Brisbane City Council 50+ Centre. Due to maintenance of the City Hall being completed in regards the 50+ centre, most of the 50+ activities are now back to being held in the City Hall in the Sherwood Room. Entry is by the Ann Street entrance but by other entrances if needed.

Marie runs the Thursday dance from 10.30am to 1.00pm which costs $1.15 each person. She supplies a lucky door prize so go along and have a good time with friendly people.

We have danced for many years, Marie when she was young teenager. We both danced before we met, had a short break until Maria was still pre-school and we commenced again at the Auchenflower Bowls Club in Brisbane, Australia.

Here is a photo of us I made look like an oil painting. We were at a Christmas dance at the Chermside Senior Citz. 

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We have travelled around a lot of the southern part of Australia by car, train and plane. We have also visited New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the USA, Canada, quite a few European countries, UK and Ireland. I have written various books complete with maps, photos and graphics by using DeskTop Publishing applications on computers.

One journey we did in 2000, we took Maria (our daughter) her two children, Grace and Christian with us to France and a day in Deutschland. We have just been to Tasmania, my Home State. I have not seen much of it since I left when I was five years old. I hope to put that Journey on my Web site in 2004.

There is the link to this part, France and Germany  or a PDF file of the entire Journey which includes Canada and the USA.

Music and Movies

Marie and I like various types of music and movies. For people who live within the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast then it may be possible for them to receive 31, previoussly called BRIZ 31, television station which is in the UHF band near SBS. It has good old movies, black & white from the 1930s on and some newer colour movies in the 1980s. 31 is a community station so its transmitter is a low power transmitter. Here is a link to 31 Brisbane's community station.

For some old music tune to 4RPH (Radio for the Print Handicapped) on the AM band at 1296kHz. This is the same frequency and transmitter that 4BK used decades ago. On Sunday at 12.30pm to 1.30pm is a fantastic programme presented by Barry Janzen, (I think that is the correct spelling) with some readings from history books about Brisbane. The same programme is on Friday nights about 8pm. People don't need to put up with the new movies and music with all the swearing, these days called ?bad language?, blood and gore. No wonder there is so much violence and bad manners these days.

We like country music the old style not the modern type which we listen to from FM 100.3, FM 101.3 and the Murri station FM 98.9.

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