Hobart John

John's and Marie's combined 1st page

This page is about our common interests.

We have a son John and daughter Maria. John has two children, Joshua and Laena. Maria also has two children,

I was born in Hobart but have lived in Brisbane most of my life. Marie is a Brisbane girl.

Tasmania has a cold temperate climate whilst Queensland is sub-tropical.

Brisbane's population is about 1 million.


Grace and Christian Field, Maria's surname.

We also do ballroom dancing although I don't dance much any more. I have written a book about the History of Ballroom Dancing which includes our history and some friends. Marie and I toured Europe, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Malaysia and of course Australia by car.

This is a part of it with a couple of photos which is on the Cactus and Succulent Society Queensland Web site

Click here to see it.

These are our four grandchildren. Left to right, Laena D'Alton, Grace Field, Joshua D'Alton and Christian Field photo taken January 2005.

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