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John Charles Edward D'Alton. I have worked in the electronics industry all my life and in later years also in the computer industry. We operated our own D'Alton Sound Service for electronics and VsoftwareZ for computer software and computer club. I held an Amateur Radio licence VK4ZAG for many years.

I am a member of Brisbane Seniors On Line (BSOL), Brisbane West Senior Citizens Centre Inc. and teach computers at both places. I also teach computers privately. I write books using DeskTopPublishing (DTP) applications. I have written “My Life” and various travel books after our journeys. Also books about computer history and me and of ballroom history and us. Another of my projects is to make people aware that we should all being doing more to archive things, to advise future generations of this material. See my archiving equipment on the right.

These are links to my various Web pages.

John's 50 Plus Cinematographers at Brisbane City Hall for people who want to make small vide/movies onto DVDs or other devices.

Your computer station to help setting up a computer station.

More than one same type application installed Two Paint applications can be installed at the same time.

About archiving things for the future. We all have items we should pass on for future generations.

GEM what was it? an up and coming GUI?

My football pages is a little of my other interests, Australian Football

Click to my early computer history very short and to the point

About The GIMP an excellent image editing application.

My computer setup and some software I use on my computers.

What's Offline and Online when using your computer

My Software download page so far JBMAIL and PopCorn E-mail utilities, PDF995 and GED2WWW utilities.

My GNU/Linux page one which is about THE Operating System

Open Source Software and FSF page “free” software which rivals the Proprietary software.

PDF Files page for various PDF files I have made on various subjects, computers, travel etc.

My 1st unofficial BSOL page for happenings of this wonderful computer group including our Video Club to make our own movies..

My 2nd BSOL page about BSOLutions.

My first Simple Hints and Tips is here. Very simple for M$oft Windows newbies.

Other Links which are external

These links are to various Web sites not included above.

A friend of mine, Nobby Hobbs specialises in computers and Spanish songs and travel. This is my link direct to his OpenSourceSoftware page which shows some screen captures he has done.

Brisbane Seniors On Line (BSOL) where I also teach computers in Brisbane, this is a Brisbane City Council initiative.

A Christian ISP is DNQ DoveNetQ is The Uniting Church Brisbane ISP

More about the VZ200/300 computers to Ian Laird's Web Wiki site



This is my E-mail address which is not clickable for technical reasons!

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