Wilderness of Thought

You have appeared, through agencies too complex to mention, in a large open space that seems like a cheap duplicate of rolling plains. The sky is coloured in a strangely appropriate swirling blend of primary colours. The air smells clean and is slightly warm, and there is the hum of hidden technology in the air. A vague music comes to your ears, as if various styles of music from Mozart Sonata to Rave Choon were being skilfully blended together somewhere below the level of the conscious. In the air before you, with no visible means of support, hover three words in gold futuristic letters...

Dirty Big Graphics

This is the PaulWay Plane, where giant information supercolliders throw ideas, creativity and a smattering of talent together at untold gigamemes. Around you stretches the infinite, as always taunting you from just before the horizon. The landscape seems flat, but moving around seems to change the terrain, as if General Relativity had become apparent to the naked eye. At the centre, a giant Mabula Engine sits humming quietly, keeping the plane stable, the light from the dark, and always making sure that the shiny side is up and the rubber side is down.

You see a large signpost, bristling with signs, that has fallen over nearby. Nearly all of the placenames are too faded or corroded away to be recogniseable. From this you determine that this was once a place of great ambition and information but, alas, it has fallen into disrepair. It must be, you deduce, the signpost from another place - altogether larger and more numerous in attractions - that Paul has let lie fallow for too long until the information contained therin is near meaningless. Hopefully some day he will make a more valiant attempt to put all his pages on line and keep them up to date - no doubt some of the attractions must have been interesting.

Fortunately, nearby, there seems to be a small post with flags of masking tape for direction pointers; crudely written in Paul's sprawling, hasty handwriting are the following directions:


Travels ( July 2003 )

Remember three things as you travel through the four-dimensional place that is our world:

  1. Have fun!
  2. Don't interfere with the fundamental nature of causality.
  3. Never confuse information with justification.

Paul Wayper Last updated Thursday, 17th of July 2003. Part of the PaulWay Plane.