On Sunday October 7, 2001, the United States began bombing Afghanistan. 15 bombers, 25 strike aircraft, and 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles were used. . The bombing came as apparent retribution for attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on September 11, but to this day, the US has not produced any evidence to show that the September 11 attacks orginated from Afghanistan.

We by no means condone the killing of 6000 people in the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon, and agree that those responsible should be brought to justice in an international court of law. But we reject the US attacks on Afghanistan as a being nothing more than a continuation of the same cylce of violence that produced the September 11 attacks. To call one violent act "terrorism" and another "a just war" is a hollow lie. In the words of President George W. Bush, the United States "have become outlaws and murderers themselves."

Likewise, we call to account the allied governments of Great Britain and Australia for their complicity in these attacks on the Afghani people. While contributing with force to the acts of terror that are causing milliions of Afghans to flee their country as refugees, the Australian Government is at the same time using military force to refuse those refugees safe haven. The leaders of this nation, those who applaud them, as well as those who stand silently by, are shamefully refusing to take any responsibility for the consequences of their actions, and contributing to the mistrust and divisions that are the seeds of war.

We call upon the people of these nations to excercise the democracy and freedom that their governments claim to be fighting for by standing up and saying "NO" to the bombing in Afghanistan, "NO" to the outright persecution of refugees, and "NO" to a war on terror that uses violence and terror itself. Instead, let us struggle to bring forth peace, understanding and an end to terrorism in all its forms.

Mark Pedersen, November, 2001