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Maria Field

Classes and Workshops 



Classes I may currently offer:

- Monday (Fortnightly 9:30 am to 12:30) at Scattered Arts 6 Newman Ave Camp Hill.(3398 9370)

- Monday (Fortnightly 1pm to 4pm) at Scattered Arts 6 Newman Ave Camp Hill.(3398 9370)

- Tuesday (weekly 1pm to 4pm) at the Lavalla Centre

- Wednesday (1st and 3rd Wednesdays 10:30am to 1:30pm) at the Royal Qld Art Society 3/162 Petrie Tce Spring Hill


However, I also give occasional workshops and demonstrations so please don't hesitate to email me at if you would like to find out details about my upcoming workshops or to be added to my email list for notification about future demos/classes/workshops.

Cost is $35 for a 3 hour class with tea/coffee/biscuits provided. Art materials are not provided. A list of materials required is available upon request.


If you would like to receive a brochure regarding the structure of my classes, what you will learn and a list of materials required, please email me at



  McGregor Summer School 2012

  A Selection of Students Comments: 

“Maria is very attentive to everyone's needs. For a person like me who couldn't even draw, I find I can now paint and draw” ..Pat


“Maria is a versatile and talented artist and her demonstrations are a joy to watch as she clearly explains her progress in an enthusiastic manner. She is an inspirational teacher willing to share her vast knowledge and expertise.”...Janette


"Maria's classes are exciting and vibrant and I am learning something new every week".....Ross


"I am really getting alot out of the classes and like the wide range of topics. Maria is well prepared and structured with good focus on techniques and varied subjects. She is very helpful and encouraging and caters to the interests of the students.".....Di


“Maria is extremely encouraging, motivating and always helpful. The classes are fun and not at all intimidating and I have been happy with the outcomes of my paintings carried out with Maria's tips and suggestions.”...Jackie


"What a wonderful time I had at your workshop! I sincerely appreciate your patience and the kind, gentle and encouraging manner in which you supported us. You have such a passion and a wealth of knowledge and skill and you managed to impart some of that to us in a way that we could understand. I learnt so much from you in such a short time."...Jo


Even though student's abilities and interests are quite varied, Maria seems to be able to alter her classes to suit all levels, styles and interest in subject matter. She is very flexible and covers a wide range for everybody."...Vince


"You make learning watercolour fun and interesting which is why we want to keep coming back! Thank you so much for your personal attention"...Carol


“Maria is thorough and patient. She presents information clearly and ensures all students are understanding the techniques. Excellent balance of demonstrations and didactic teaching. Excellent, stimulating, fun!”...Lis


“Very informative. Maria has a sense of freedom in her work and I am seeking to achieve this goal. I feel I am closer to that goal with Maria's attention. She is always encouraging and I am thoroughly enjoying every moment.”...Fay

  Classes at Lavalla



"Maria communicates concepts clearly and instructions are always well demonstrated. She is very supportive and her classes are very enjoyable." ...Pam


“Maria is always bright and welcoming and very patient. Helps us to understand 'cause and effect' of various techniques and is able to teach/manage us in our very different styles and personalities. Nothing seems to be a problem.”...Lynda


“Maria is an outstanding tutor - not only is she knowledgeable, but she enjoys passing on her skills and techniques. She is always positive and encouraging and takes time to explain important aspects of watercolour. She is also extremely likeable and never impatient”...Alex


“Maria is able to isolate a problem and explain how to overcome it in specific detail”...Libby


“Maria's teaching is enthusiastic and spontaneous yet carefully planned. She is very encouraging to all her pupils who are at different levels of ability.”...Anne


"I receive heaps of personal attention and find Maria very easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoy the lessons and miss them when I haven't been"....Kathryn


“The teaching is extremely comprehensive and well demonstrated. I like the emphasis she gives copyright of other people's images. She is a talented and generous teacher as well as being a gifted artist. A very rare combination.”......Lyn D


"Maria's teaching is easy to understand and the classes are the highlight of my week"....Fenny


 “I am loving the class and hope to keep attending for ages. Maria is very clear and easy to follow and gets me feeling really excited about learning to paint”...Lyn K


“Maria really is patient and understanding and seems tireless in her efforts to progress the knowledge and skills of her students. She provides excellent feedback on our efforts and takes a very positive approach with us.”...Gail


  Class at Scattered Arts


“I like the way each week one or two techniques are introduced and demonstrated and because of the small sizes, students take home one or two complete paintings every week. Maria is very enthusiastic about teaching and this is passed on to her students making every lesson alot of fun!”....Sally


“Maria was warm, bubbly, bright and encouraging - the perfect package to motivate and inspire. I would highly recommend Maria to anyone considering learning watercolours.”...Megan


“Maria's instructions are clear and precise. She gives the principles which make the the complexities of watercolour simple.”.....Beth


"What I really like about Maria's way of teaching is that she is not just trying to turn us into clones of herself. She encourages each of us to excel in our own styles and interests. She will often do a demo of a subject in many different ways giving us lots of ideas and inspiration from which we can then continue our own artistic journey."..Jim


"Classes are entertaining and paced to the individual student. She turns a gumby into a Gaugain. Don't know if she can teach cooking, but she sure as hell can teach watercolour!".....Bill


"Thank you for your all the efforts you put into your classes. You are an accomplished, professional and positive presenter. I love how you help us to think through from the beginning...from concept and planning, through all the techniques, continuing on to helping us to evaluate the problems in our own paintings. You are helping me to become a complete artist".....Nev


"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your tuition at McGregor. It was a most enjoyable, interesting, informative and inspiring workshop. I deeply appreciate the information, so freely and cheerfully given. The course went way beyond my expectations."....Frances


"Your workshop was so much fun! You are a great teacher and can convey your ideas so well.".....Louise

 Demo at Art Shed


“Maria's workshop was well structured and prepared with excellent demonstrations and adequate time for practice and personal attention - all delivered in an atmosphere of relaxed enjoyment. She is very generous with her extensive knowledge. It was lots of information, lots of painting and lots of fun!”....Pamela F


“Your love for watercolour painting is so obvious and contagious. Your teaching is very clear with good repetition of important techniques, delivered in a down to earth manner with great energy, humour and kindness. You are very encouraging, even in gentle criticism and you free me up to be myself” ...Adele


"Maria's way of teaching is fun, informative and inspiring. She is always happy and patient and positive, as well as helpful and supportive. Always a great evening with lots of learning experiences."....Sue


"I am learning new techniques every week together with design principles and materials and my painting is always improving. I am thoroughly enjoying myself"...Ann


"Maria had all her activities extremely well prepared with hand-outs, class plans, steps to do the exercise, probable problems encountered, trouble shooting, photographs to inspire etc.."...Jocelyn


Workshop at Lavalla


“The classes are friendly and fun. Maria is well prepared and mindful of the needs of the class. It is a non-threatening style which makes me feel comfortable and appreciated. Instructions and demonstrations are excellent”....Bev


“Maria created a lovely light atmosphere in the class. She is great at confidence building and created a fun learning environment. I really enjoy her classes"....Jean


“You have really pushed me along and challenged me. You can really teach and know so much. The classes have been good for me and the section on perspective was super-dooper. I learnt alot about composition and tone and the variety of subjects covered was a real challenge”......Jeff


“Maria's teaching is exactly what I need. Clear, based on principles and essential techniques. The hand out of Maria's Overview of Watercolour is worth more than any books I have read on watercolour.”...Colleen


“Maria has the ability to transfer her skills into her teaching techniques that students can understand!"....Jo


"Maria's workshop exceeded all my expectations. She has given me inspiration, knowledge and understanding of the media and enough confidence to be able to continue onwards and upwards!."...Fran


"Thank you for such a wonderful workshop. I had the best time! I think you are an excellent teacher both in knowledge, talent and attitude." ....Lily


“I cannot speak highly enough of the level of instruction and help given by Maria. Energetic, enthusiastic and extremely helpful. I learnt many new techniques which were put into practice. Her passion for teaching watercolour was an inspiration”...Lucy


“Thank you for giving me back the joy of Watercolours”..Rhonda

Demo at Art Shed


Norfolk Island Painting Tour: 

A very successful painting tour was led to Norfolk Island in September 2015. It was a fun week of observing, learning to simplify scenes and creating memories through the student's own choice of watercolour, ink and wash or watercolour pencils creating either travel journals and/or paintings. Thank you to all my lovely students for such a memorable week.


 In addition to the classes I also like to arrange for “plein air/paint out” days, gallery visits and exhibitions of student's work where possible to enhance the students learning and confidence.


A Selection of Students work from our 2010 “Student Exhibition”

  A Selection of Students work from our 2011 "Students Exhibition"


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