Football Grounds – Rushworth in Victoria

I hope to give some brief information about football grounds in Brisbane and other places in Australia. It's a pity I had not taken photos over the decades of all the grounds at which I have seen football played. Since about 1956 when I first saw games at the Sandgate Football Club. I now have a digital camera so it's so easy to take photographs. I take a series of images and using The GIMP I make panoramic images by joining the images together.

This ground is the Home ground of the Rushworth Football Club. Rushworth is about 75km south east of Echuca. I was in the area in April 2009.

Rushworth was in gold mining area with a mine at Whroo which is about 20km south. Rushworth became a little famous as it was the centre of an Australian movie made a couple of decades ago about the Rushworth Football Club. The game as seen in the movie was actually played in Healsville north east of Melbourne. For footy fans it's a very good movie and is a good advertisement for Australia.

I was looking south west to take the photos. The club house and administration building can be seen at the left, above the V of Victoria. If I remember correctly, the scoreboard can't be seen because it is behind me when I took the photos.

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