Hobart John

Edited 27 October 2010

Archiving For The Future.

From VHS or movie camera tapes to CD/DVD via a USB device.

I have been archiving our own family video and movie data for a year or so with great success. I warn people to be aware of Copyright laws.

VCR connection to PC.

In the photo on the left shows the Kaiser Bass unit, the white gadget about half the size of a match box. At the left can be seen the USB cable and plug that plugs into the PC.

The input of the Kaiser Bass is plugged into the VCRs audio output RCA sockets and the yellow plug is the video connecton.

I have a PDF which shows in more detail the connections between the Kaiser Bass and a VCR. The PDF I wrote using OOS software, OpenOfficeorg. Please down load it.

I am a member of Brisbane Seniors On Line Inc (BSOL) which is a seniors help group. We have a Video Interest Group (VIG) where we help through talks and demonstrations how to load their movie/video data onto a PC. This can mean using the USB device.

The Kaiser Bass USB connected to a VCR.

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