Inspired by the Revelation passed down to us in the Happy Mutant Handbook, Happy Mutants everywhere are coming out of their solariums and banding together to strengthen the Happy Mutant Vibe throughout the Universe.

Thus, the Happy Mutant Club had its humble beginnings beneath a brown plastic tarp at the UQ Market Day, where Happy Mutants of all descriptions gathered to share a cup of warm chai and exchange the mutant meme.

The Happy Mutant Manifesto

The A-Z of Happpy Mutation (with some letters missing...)
  • brite colours
  • celtic artwork
  • chai tea (!!!)
  • community building
  • creative arts
  • culture jamming
  • drumming
  • global renewal
  • internet activism
  • inner transformation
  • non-chemical bliss
  • positive alternative culture
  • raves
  • social activism
  • zines
Still not sure what a Happy Mutant is? Check out the Happy Mutant Personality Type Indicator.

And we have the HMC constitution on-line too! (well, just the interesting bits).

That's all for now, watch this space for an ever expanding pool of Happy Mutant info and resources...