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I edited this page Tuesday 11th. of August 2020 with Mint V1x and Libreoffice on PC22.

John Charles Edward D'Alton. I have formed my own group to help people use their cameras, editors to make their own movies. Edited Tuesday 11th. of August 2020

Due to the big Queen's Wharf development that will commence next year 2016 I decided I would form my own group at the Brisbane City Hall 50 Plus Centre and have called it “John D'Alton's 50 Plus Cinematiographers”. It has no connection with BSOL, U3A or any other club. I and with the help from others will try to help people who take video/movie and still images to assemble the data and make movies which can be written/burnt onto DVD or CD. Or make files which can be written/saved onto a computer's hard disk or portable USB drives.

The next Meeting I have noted in a box below. If I don't edit the Web page in time, remember I hold them on the first and the fourth Tuesdays of the month.

I conduct two meetings per month, the first Tuesday and the fourth Tuesday at about 9.30AM to about 12.30PM. Members must be 50 yo or over. There is no journing fee at 50 Plus, the only cost per time to my “group” is $2.00, $1.00 of which goes to the 50 Plus Centre and $1.00 to me to try to pay for incidentales that I may need purchase electronic items and biscuits, tea and coffee. Tea and coffee is free.

The City Hall will provide at no cost to me a large DTV and laptop PC to show any videos or whatever we will view as “show and tell”. I have supplied one of my old desktop PCs to do likewise and to show/demonstrate various software/applications. This PC I can boot into GNU/Linux or M$oft W XP. John Bunker has loaned me his projector screen. Thanks John.

View the logo in video form.

50 Plus is at the City Hall.

My new movie logo, Three Kookaburras

My short video clips and movies I have made with my cameras and edited with MAGIX and from now on Linux Kdenlive which I have Uploaded to

my Youtube channel.

I use GNU/Linux which is OpenSouceSoftware (OSS) almost entirely. I do not need Micro$oft Windows anymore. I use a range of OSS to work on my video clips, music and so.

The logo.


GNU/Linux Mint V 17

I use Kdenlive which is a movie/video editing application and is OSS. It is superb! The developers are working on writing it to run on M$oft Windows, perhaps ready 2017.

Handbrake I use to do certain video editing. Handbrake is also available for Apple and Micro$oft Windows.

Format Factory

The most popular video and sound convertor along with another I have used for a couple of decades called AnyVideoConvertor (AVC). Click to FormatFactory's Web site.

My Linux Mint file converter WINFF

I have used Format Factoy and AVC in M$ Win XP for years but as I have almost completely abandoned Windows because I use Linux Mint, WINFF is one of the video format file converters I use.

Welcome to 2020



What software I can demonstrate using peoples camera video or mine.

Micro$oft Windows MAGIX, AVS and Iskysoft. In LINUX Mint I have Kdenlive. Sorry no Apple Mac software.

I have produced a little booklet about my 50 Plus system setup, a PDF is available over on the right URL link My 50 Plus System PDF”.

Please come and see what we will do at our next meeting. One does NOT have to have Windows 7, 8 or 10 to do video editing. I also use Linux Kdenlive which is quite a professional editor but not for beginners. Others of my group use IskySoft in M$ Windows.

Next meeting, 25th. of February 2020, About 9.30am to about 12.30 pm in the Tingalpa Room, the 50 Plus Centre in the basement of the City Hall. A lift is available via the Adelaide Street entrance to the City Hall. No need to book. $2.00.

We will be viewing some still images that have been zoomed in and out. Do you like them?

God willing I will see you in 2020. God bless you all year round.

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I may discontinue this WEB

page as not many visit it which

is a pity even though it does

take time to work on it!

One of the main problems is that people take still images and short video clips on their mobile phones but they do not know how to Download the files from the 'phone.

To increase the ability to view/show high definition video such as 1920x1280 I have replaced my tower PC 26 with a Lenovo T61 Laptop PC.

We have done a bit more working with what is called “Chromakey” or commonly known as “GreenScreen”.

Here are the little video clips that Helen G. and Rob J. made.

Helens here

Robs here

This is a little booklet of my system avaiable as a PDF.

Available at; My 50 Plus System PDF

Cheerio for now from John D'Alton. Filename JCED18_50Plus_Cine_B.html

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