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2003 Clearance Catalogue  available as downloadable PDF (3 Mb).
This version of the catalogue has been updated as at October, 2003.

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What's in the Catalogue? 2003 Catalogue

Sci-Fi Movies:
Alien: Model Kits
Forbidden Planet: Model Kits and toys
Judge Dredd: Model kits (movie version)
Starship Troopers: Model kits
Terminator 2: Model kits
2001: Model kits
Godzilla: Model kits
James Bond: Model kits, display figures, diecast models
...and more

TV Sci-Fi
Lost in Space: Polar Lights model kits: Psycho, Godzilla etc
Gerry Anderson:     Thunderbirds - DVD, video, model kits, toys, books, porcelain collectors dolls
                              Space:1999: DVD, model kits
                              UFO: Model kits
                              Joe 90: Model kit
                              Stingray: DVD, video, die cast toys
                              Captain Scarlet: DVD, model kits, toys, books
Dr Who: Model kits, toy Daleks, display Tardis
...and more: , Polar Lights model kits, Sci-Fi and Fantasy FX magazine, books...

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Note that the letters SO after a catalogue listing denotes SPECIAL ORDER, and the item may have to be ordered in for you.