About 21st Century Paradox

21st Century Paradox began in 2002 and has taken over from 21st Century Marketing (which was established in 1992) to provide science fiction model kits, videos and books which were otherwise hard-to-get in Australia.

We're based in Melbourne, Australia, and we supply goods not only to Australian customers, but to anywhere in the world, and have shipped to the USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK and France.

It is worth noting a few points:

All prices in this website and in our catalogue are in Australian Dollars.  The Internet Currency Converter  will convert $A to your local currency, to give you an idea of the cost to you.  We can provide an e-mail quotation of the shipping cost of any given order.

Videos are for the Australian/UK/New Zealand (and possibly elsewhere) VHS PAL system.  They will not play on standard NTSC or SECAM video recorders.  It is possible to arrange a conversion from the PAL original to other formats, but this is not a service we provide.  If you are interested in conversion, ask at video stores near to you.

Some Policies

Cashing Payments: If you send us a check or money order, we will bank it immediately.  If you are paying by credit card, we do not debit your card until we actually ship the goods to you.

Returns:  We are usually happy to accept returns for refund or credit, unless the item was a special order (a restocking fee may apply).  You may not return model kits once you have commenced construction.  Videos may only be returned for replacement of the same title.  In some cases we will deduct a postage fee from the value of a refund or credit if the original cost of posting the item was greater than the actual postage charged (generally Australian customers only).  We strongly suggest you contact us before returning any item.
COD returns cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

Contacting us: We do not recommend that overseas customers contact us by phone: time zone differences will mean that (more than likely) you will get our answering machine.  We are not generally able to return overseas phone calls!  If at all possible, send us an e-mail or fax (same number) instead.

Contact the 21st Century at 21c@paradox.com.au

21st Century Paradox, P.O. Box 495 Eltham 3095, Australia

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